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So let me tell you somethin about my self. For 6 years now I have been a huge motoGP fan. And two weeks ago when motogp had its last competition at Valencia circuit in Spain, I had the possibility to go there and see for the first time ever live motogp. It was amazing! Because I had folloed it for so long and dreamd about going to see motogp at live now for 4 years and finally it came true.

So at summer I decided to goto VAlencia to see motogp. I had a little bit money saved for this trip and I just told my parents that "I will go", nothing else. And because motogp is mine and my dad's favorite thing and we watch it every time together and yell to our favorite riders to go faster and faster, so I asked my dad to join me because it would mean so much to me. Ofcourse he said YES! And in 3 days we had the flights and the hotel. So after all of this there was only 5 months to wait. And that succed! For real.

And finally now it has been 2 weeks since I was there. I am still so sad because it was so so close to my heart. And I dont even have words to discribe it. And I hope that next year when motogp will come out of its vinter holiday and the new season starts, I would have the possibility to go see motogp in Barcelona. Because Sapin is home to me and Barcelona is like home town to me.

 Here are some pictures from my trip! hope you enjoy them.

 So here you can see my favorite rider's shoes! It was so sad because I wanted to see Dani. Well at least I saw his shoes.

World champion of moto3

 I guess you might now know hows my golden boy!

 Marc Marquez <3

 Dani <3 and Marc <3
I will love you forever!

x- Ghia

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