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-14 and new experiences

Hey, hey!
Time goes by like a cold windy air is aching cheeks ! The year has past almost two weeks now and all new haunted mishaps around the corner are weiting the right moment to come out to the public. So how skeptical are you for the new hits ? All kinds of new hits will be continued to be raised , but the ones who really have a global audience , of course, are in rare. In fact, I am absolutely an awful experiences . I just try everything with out of thinking will this really work. At some point either I will be bored, I find out that the whole thing did not work , or in the best case, I am happy if success . Last year, I tried out no matter what. Of course don't think that I believe absolutely everything. Only I like new things and experimenting . I try best things that feel best for myself. However , everything I tried , but not all did work.  I ttyed many food diets , but I've noticed that for me the best way is just to change food habits and lifestyle. It's not easy , but small changes at a time, producing the best result in possible .

 In this post I will tell you about a new hit ! You may have already hear about this, eventaugh this would be the first, second or even tenth time yet I will thell it for you ;)

Teeth whitening!!

especially for women Dental Health is a very important thing. we want the most complete and beautiful teeth. what is more beautiful is the sexiest . many people try teeth whitening procedures at the dentist or at home with strange gels. however they may prove to be costly . This would be the organic way to whit your teeth.

the necessary ingredients are

1. coconut oil, you can also use sesame oil

2. salt

3. your toothbrush and toothpaste

First you take a teaspoon and the size of the dose of oil. Put it in my mouth and spurt this for about 10-15 minutes. This works very well in the morning while making your morning habbits. Then spit out the oil and remove with warm water to which the reconstituting of salt. Put the salt water in to your mouth and rinse your mouth with this ( a couple of spurt ) . After all this, just a regular teeth cleaning and you're done .

Remember that sputing the oil, you do not swallov it at all , because even though the entire process is to help whiten your teeth , the oil cleans up your mouth at the same time of the bacteria, that is why it is important that you do not swallow it. Because then you would be swalloving bacterias.

I heard about the whole process from my mom , who had found this some time ago, and from the experience I can only say that, yes , my teeth look their brightest right now !

Good luck in the experiment

                           Coconut oil                                                                 Sesame oil

 Happy monday

X- Ghia

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