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How was your year 2013?

Mine was amazing, I did things I never ever would have imagined of doing. And now I am wondering will this year be as good as last year. I really hope so! We all do new year promises and I would like hear some of yours! Few of my friends were here last night celebrating new year and we did have fun. It got me thinking of what I want of my life and how can I be better friend to them.

Don't judge me, but these are my new years promises!

1. I will stop eating sweets (like candy and sugar in general). Because I feel so much better and vibrant.

2. I promise to have my dream body in a healthy way. I have had trouble with losing weight healthy and it doesnt end up good. So for everyone there, dont TRY!!!

3. I promise to be better friend and spend much time with them ( you know who I am talking about ;))

4. Hell yeah I will read to my finall exames. ( I have to, I have been too lazy)

5. I will make this blog better and write much more.

6. Who knows there is so much more of these, but here is the main points.

I colected some pictures of my year 2013

These pictures are mostly the higlights of this year! I have been going back and forth Finland and Spain! So I cant imagine how this year could be more amazing and better!!!

First I went to France with my best friends ( school trip). Then I went to celebrate my b- day in Barcelona, that is my home. I was there with my mom and her sister. Then in just short week mine and my friend Spanish friends came here and we hadn't seen each other in allmost two years. Then after that we all went to Spain in their homes. I cant never forget that, it was the best time ever. Then I was at home having fun with my friends and starting school. In short montsh I went with my dad to Valencia. You may already know, yes MOTOGP!!!! That was something OMG. Like I had wanted it four years and finally it happend. And I got to see Dani Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi and others, from far but still!

Last picture of year 2013! Love ya Sam <3

Hope this year would be even better! ;)

X- Ghia

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  1. hi girls !
    nice pictures ! you look great :)

    1. HI !!
      Thank you so much and love the pictures in your blog! =)