maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

It's monday again

Another week is behind us and mondsay is finally here. Now I can officially say that my graduation party is on the next week. It is weird of thinking that when I was in school I couldn´t wait for the time that i could just sit around and mind my own business.. but now I want to go back to school, because i dont know what to do with my too much freetime. Anyway as we all now, we have so much to do and plan before the party and at the same time i am very exited and worried.

So this was a special week for me because it was MotoGP time! Maybe some of you already know that MotoGP is a huge part of my life. And since i started watching it when i was 13-14 years old I have missed only 5ish races. I plan my week and weekends for the timetable of MotoGP.

So this year has been very exceptional. I was really happy and amazed how in Moto3 our leading worldchampion in the points Miller, who won the race, It was incredible! or real. And what I was more happy was that his team is finnish!!! Go Finland.

In MotoGP it has been very one man of a show for Marquez. It has been amazing to win all of the 5 races, but please let someone else to win. No, don´t let but please someone else win.
For the past years of my MotoGP experience I have had my favorites and those are still my goldenboys, but ofcourse I get more pilots that I follow in the races.

But that I will tell you some other time. If you are a huge motorcycle fan or something share it with

X- G

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