tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

It's Summer and Time for Wandering

The sudden heat of summer has drained all the energy out of me so I won't be writing a very long and meaningful post. I just wanted to tell you what's up and what I've been doing lately.
I'm sure you're already fed up with this subject, but I just have to mention it: graduation is less than two weeks away! 31st of May I will graduate from Finnish high school/senior high school/upper secondary school, whatever you wanna call it.

Friday the 16th was a national lipstick day to support women who struggle with heart- and lung diseases. So last Friday I wore red lipstick and threw on my spiky leather jacket. I love wearing my favorite pieces of clothing, because they make me feel so confident!

I know, the picture is very bad, I apologize. Anyways, on Saturday I was shopping with my lovely sister and I bought my graduation dress and shoes! I don't really wear dresses and I am really picky when it comes to buying one. We spent about three hours searching for a dress for me and finally we found one. I saw this dress behind a store's window and I knew I had to try it on. The second I wore it I knew it was the dress I wanted. It's in my favorite color and that is always a plus.

I don't know if I've told you this before, but I love horses and I've been riding since I was eight years old. Nowadays I go riding about once or twice a week on this adorable horse!

I will be doing my friend's makeup for graduation and we tried it out today to see how much time it'll take. This is what the makeup looks like. Look at all that sparkle! Lovely, right?

And lastly my friend wanted to buy a few shirts for summer so I went with her to the clothing store. Whenever there's a large mirror, take a selfie!

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