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Treat your body as a temple

Thus at the beginning of the summer when we throw a large layers of clothes off and expose the surface to reveal more , we want to look as good and prosperous. For some time, a new trend has formed in good condition in women and men . no longer being this is not admirable , but beautiful and shapely curves and muscles. As summer starts is therefore a good start a couple of new beauty tips, to make the skin glow even in the hotest summer days and feel the body being healthy and happy.

Treat your body as if it were the world's most valuable temple ! Because you have to live your whole life in that body, so it is best that you enjoy it. The summer heat and the heat cause swelling that interferes with us women ( I can tell you from personal experience that I suffer from swelling of the case). It is therefore important to do some exercise every day. It does not have to be any sweat workout or running. The important thing is that you make every day a half hour to an hour something you enjoy.

Be sure to drink as much water . You've probably heard this a million times as I have , but I belive that this will work ! Drink the water ! When you drink water, the swelling goes down and you will feel better . You will not suffer dehydration and your skin will feel much better, because more than 70 percent of our body is water.

Be sure to moisturize your skin on a daily basis . The heat and sweat will dry out the skin and thus the skin's moisture is important. Try something new body lotion with a scent of summer fruit . Remember sunscreen . Especially moisturizing the face is important ! As researched is that the sun ages the skin and causes wrinkles on the face, so keeping it in a good shape is important. In fact, every day I maintain my face closely following the various rituals , especially since my own mother was a beautician I have received a number of tips from her .

1 in the morning wipe your face with toner or water
2 grrease your face , before any cosmetic products with moisturizing with facecream that includes UV protection, especially at summer time
3 in the evening before going to bed, make sure that you have cleaned all the cosmetics (make-up , etc.) in your face !
4 grease the face a little bit before going to bed.

Try something new this summer . Colorful lips and golden eyes . This summer, no one will stop you.

You should feel exotic this summer!

Some of this summers must have things

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