perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

Aurora Borealis

I've spent almost the entire day doing basically nothing, so I finally had time to actually put effort on my makeup. I didn't have much planned, but I knew I wanted to create look that would remind me of aurora borealis a.k.a northern lights. So I just took some of my makeup and started throwing colors on my eyes. I really like how the look came out!

Now the thing with winter is that the dark comes very early. When I was taking these pictures it was already dark outside and since I don't have good lights anywhere in my apartment, I had to use camera's flash. I usually like photographing my makeup in a natural light, but today it wasn't possible. I had to add a little color saturation to the pictures for you to see the makeup the way it really is. Also the look has some sparkle/shimmer on the lid and in the inner corners but that got completely washed out due to the flash. 
Anyway, I really like this look and I will wear it again some day and then I hope I can give you better pictures! So let me know what you think and happy Friday! I'm gonna head out to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

Talk to you later, bye!
- Sara

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