sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013


I had this feeling for search some new ideas for jewellry to get. As I do this often I have my regular pages where to find them. Here are few of what I have found. If I had money I would buy them all. I belive that our outfits can be as boring as possible, but the jewellry are the one to make us the ones we want to be. This may sound really weird, but I am serious. For me jewellry are my soul. I want more and more, and my parents are always to me that ''you have so many that you don't need anymore''. But I don't care if I want more I will get more. Jewellry are like puppies. They make us feel good and fun. So lets just get more. It doesn't matter where do we get our jewellry, like are they real or new or used. As for me, don't care.

 I went as a company with my friend to some shopping and I found these. 
Scarf - Vero Moda sale, 8€
Skirt- H&M 19,95€
Lip gloss- H&M 2,95€
 And ofcourse this amazing back!
No, I didn't buy it.

X- Ghia

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