torstai 5. joulukuuta 2013

Everything Ends On Its Own Time

Life has a strange way to work out. When something ends something else starts. Me and Sam were just thinking that only 8 years ago we were two little 10 years old girls. At that time I had no idea what would happen. Now I am at my last year on high school and I'm scared. Scared because something so huge, a big part of my life will end. I do know that something good will come and my life as a artist can begin, still it feels strange.

I have really good friends who are keeping me on the ground. We have the best moments of our life together and I dont want to let them go, nore do I have to. Even tough we will move apart from each other and we will start our lives finally, we will still be best friends. Thats the one I love about friends, they are always there for us.

Life should be full of opportunities for us, those that we could reach for. We should be what we want to be but it is hard because there are so many people for the same competitions. In this 21 century it is hard to be known. Because there are many many others who want the same thing. Still we should try. Now when in just few months my school will end I have to and I want to express my talent. I know it will be hard but that is what I want. And I want you all to do the same. We live here only once, we should take everything of it. Life full and furious life.

Here's something to listen for the weekend!

Make your dreams come true and have a happy weekend!
X- Ghia

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