maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

Paper faces on parade

Hello cupcakes!
For those who didn't already know; I'm now studying my last year of senior high school. There are a lot of fun things happening for the last year students and this week we have a dress code for every day. Today's theme was masquerade.

Here you see my eye makeup. I just love having an excuse to wear a heavier makeup than usually!

Of course I can't go through masquerade without red lips!

Finally, here I am with my mask. I bought it years ago from London, but I think you can find masks like this from pretty much every bigger city around the world.

You try looking mysterious masquerade girl when Ghia is behind the camera!

I am very excited about this theme week, because I love dressing up in outfits I wouldn't normally wear. I've always thought that I am so not the kind of girl who wears dresses, but I was wrong. I wore a dress today and guess what? I loved it! So comfortable yet stylish and pretty. I am definitely going to start wearing dresses and skirts more. As soon as I buy some, I own only few dresses and no skirts at all!

Talk to you soon, bye!
- Sara

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