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Its Not What a Movie Is About, It's How It Is About It

Hello there!
Let's talk about movies!
I love movies. I'm not sure when my enthusiasm for movies started, but it's been going on for at least a few years now. I mean yes, I've always enjoyed watching movies, but not until couple years ago I realized how amazing movies actually are.
I'm not one of the kind of movie lovers who has seen all the classics and knows every line from them. Nor am I the kind of person who watches every new movie that comes out. Sometimes I just hear about a movie, no matter how old or new, and I get this need to see that movie.
Of course I have my preferences in movies, I don't care much for example romantic comedies. My favorite genres are definitely horror (especially psychological horrors/thrillers), fantasy and sci-fi. I find that in these genres all the dimensions of movies show the best. There are basically no limits to what you can do with the special effects, sounds, sets etc. in a movie where everything can happen. That is why 100% realistic movies are not something I like as much.
Now I'll tell you some of my favorite movies. I have a lot of favorite movies and it's impossible for me to put them all in to a list. Anyway, here are some of them. (By the way, not all my favorite movies fall under the categories I told to be my favorite genres. Those really are my favorite genres, but I love movies outside the genres too!)
Okay, here we go.

White Oleander is simply such a beautiful story. What I like most about this movie is the characters and their growth. Also, as I already said, the story is very beautiful. I've also read the book and I think they really captured the feeling of the book into the movie. 
This is a funny one. Once I was visiting a friend and we decided to watch a movie. We ended up watching Clue, which (as you may have guessed) is based on the game of a same name. Clue might not be a masterpiece, it definitely has flaws (what movie doesn't?) but at least so far this movie has entertained me the most. It is amazingly funny! I must have watched it about twenty times, but I still love it and it still makes me laugh.

If you want to cry your eyes out at the end of a movie, watch Hidalgo. I think many people are fooled by the fact that this movie has a lot to do with horses and that's why they decide not to watch it. Sure, it is also about horses, but that is not the point. I know people who don't especially like horses, but who still liked the movie. As an equestrian myself, I of course love this movie. But seriously though, it is not a horse movie, watch it. (If not for anything else, then for Viggo Mortensen, who is hot as hell!)

I started watching House at the End of the Street thinking that it's going to be just another horror movie that I will just eventually forget. No way! House at the End of the Street turned out to be something I have actually never seen before. In a horror movie I always look for a good plot and, well, horror! Usually, if a horror movie is scary, the plot is lame and if the movie has a good plot, it lacks horror. House at the End of the Street, however, has both. You'll never know what happens next and the plot will definitely surprise you, I promise! Even after the movie I caught myself thinking about the plot, because it can actually be understood in different ways. I think that if the movie won't leave your thoughts alone, it's a good movie. (And of course, Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses!)

Last but definitely not least, the Lord of the Rings -trilogy. I adore these movies from the bottom of my heart. They are beautifully done, they have beautiful characters, beautiful story to tell...simply amazing. I can't watch of these movies without being completely confused by everything they still have to offer me, even after seeing them so many times.

So there was some of my favorite movies. Like I said, I have so many favorite movies, but if you ask me what my favorite movie is, I'm most likely to answer these five. Now that I've made the "top 5" I realize how I would've wanted to add some more to the list...well, maybe someday I will write a second part of my favorite movies. Who knows!

Talk to you soon, bye!
- Sara

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