lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Nothing Burns More Than the Cold

Hello there!
I think it's winter when the weather gets cold and for a few days now it has been freezing. So I can say now that the winter has officially arrived.
Here are some random pictures from this winter-week!

On Friday my school's costume theme was Greek gods. I decided to go as Hades and this is how my face looked like. The eyes are wicked, don't you think? I scared my religion teacher with them, oops!

I got an early Christmas present! My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and since I didn't have much makeup brushes, I asked for them. Mom ordered them online, they arrived Thursday and I asked if I could open the packaging already. Well, as you can see, I opened it. 22 Coastal Scents makeup brushes! I am so excited about this kit!

Me today, heading out for some shopping.

I just love it when stores have decorated for the holidays. So beautiful!

Orchids are amazing, they are actually my second favorite flowers in the world.

Song of the Day (I used to listen this when I was a kid and I hadn't heard it in many many many years. Today it was on radio and I just realized that -strangely- I still love the song.)

Just a short update,
talk to you soon, bye! 
- Sara

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