sunnuntai 22. joulukuuta 2013


Christmas break has finally begun, and the time has been impossibly busy time . Soon new year begins and a new page will open completely. However, everything changes and the school is at the end . What will I do after this . I'm all messed up, will I get to school or not. Will I move away from home , and if yes, will I move abroad , which would be very great.However , I am very happy to report a new family member , Jamie . Jamie is a new camera , he is my first SLR. And the purpose at first wasn't to buy him, but then the trade happened and happened . Jamie , however, was a very good offer . His original price is around € 800 , but I bought him 299 € ! ! This was a very good offer . Jamie is a brand new camera, but Christmas offer was so gorgeous. Jamie is the Nikon D1300  and very convenient for my photo shoot

 And yes , I usually give my Electronics names !

 Today I was able to finally get in this store where you can find absolutely everything with Sara. The most interesting thing was that when we bought each other Christmas presents and we had to evade each other in the final period. Here would be a few pictures of our adventures.

These would be the first photos with Jamie. I am so stupid right now with him because I dont know how does hi work. But we managed to take these pictures. And thank you for Sara because she was like 'yes, do this and this' and then I was saved!

 I have this problem with jars, especially sheet metal & Technology, I love them just so much.

 My future husband ;)
 He gave me this beautiful rose! Like frozen rose and I was sold.


Always fun with Sara <3
X- Ghia

And have fun with this years mashup!

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