tiistai 10. joulukuuta 2013

Last weeks as a ABI at school before X-mas

 X-mas is soon here only 13 days before we can relax and enjoy the peace, eating chocolate and opening the presents. I dont say that I dont like having presents because I LOVE IT, but for past few years I have really enjoyed givin the presents for the loved ones. Now at school we have a costume week and as you have already seen Sam-Sara had this amazing costume ( I so love it, I could stole it ;) ) and I didnt have any costume for that so I was just me. BUUT today we had a ''what will we be in the future'' or ''what we wanted to be when we were children'' and I want to be a fashion designer. So here is my normal look and some tape measure on my head and on my neck.

Because it is our last year, I want that this will be memorable for all of us, and in 10 or 20 years we all will look back and remember these times when we had so much fun.

 And I got little bored and tired at home so I putted my home relax clothes on.

 Picture of yesterday
 My baby boy! He is so HAPPY because it is X-mas and he gets some presents and dogs sweets.
My best friends! All dressed up for the ''what will I be in the future'' theme.

X- Ghia

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